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#1 What online spending ratio is more accurate?

On average, men spend $220 per transaction compared to $151 per transaction for women. It is not that men shop more than women, but they spend more per transaction. Male consumers are more likely to buy higher priced items such as luxury products and electronics. Whereas women tend to buy lower-priced items such as cosmetics and food.

Sources: KPMG  /  Sleeknote

#2 Who coordinates the Internet?

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for coordinating each unique identifier on the Web. Put simply, they are the ones that ensure your IP is only one and unique. What sounds entirely more heroic is that seven of their members hold seven keys to “restore” the internet if a gigantic crash should happen.

Sources: TechJury  /  LifeHacks

#3 How many people in the US were victims of identity fraud in 2017?

2018 identity fraud study conducted by Javelin found that 16.7 million US residents fell victims of this crime during 2017. This number represents an 8% increase from the year before, with most of the identity frauds happening because of poor online safety. Americans need to be more cautious where and with who they share their personal data.

Sources: Javelin Strategy   /  Hosting Tribunal

#4 What is the average amount requested after a ransomware attack?

Ransom usually is requested to be paid in bitcoin, as cryptocurrencies are nigh untraceable. The average amount requested the attackers is equivalent to $1,077. The high price is the reason why most users affected by ransomware decide to just give up on the stolen data.

Sources: Hosting Tribunal  /  The Best VPN

#5 What country is expected to be the most significant public cloud market in 2019?

In terms of cloud computing spending, the US is the undisputed champion. Its market is larger than that of the next four combined.

These are the countries that are expected to spend the most on cloud computing technologies in 2019:

  • USA – $124.6 billion
  • China – $10.5 billion
  • United Kingdom – $10 billion
  • Germany – $9.5 billion
  • Japan – $7.4 billion

Sources: International Data Corporation  / Hosting Tribunal