By now, you have heard that human error is one of the top problems in cybersecurity. Yes, there are errors in code, bad guys that want to steal our data, faulty programs, and technologies that expose us to vulnerabilities and attacks. However, particularly in the business world, just negligent employees, contractors, and third-party vendors represent the cause of over half of all businesses' data breaches.

In small businesses, cybersecurity does not tend to be at the top of the priorities lists. Most continue to think that they are not a likely target for bad guys, so taking extra security measures is unnecessary. They believe they are either too small or unattractive, so who would really care to attack them? However, small businesses are easier targets since most do not have the right security measures in place, therefore making it more appealing to attackers. And, unfortunately, because small businesses tend to have limited funds, cyber-attacks could be more catastrophic to the operations, financials, and reputation of companies.

One of the most beneficial things businesses can do is to involve their employees in the efforts to protect the company, its employees, and its customers. Employees that are knowledgeable of best practices in cybersecurity and are aware of the threats that exist will better defend themselves and the company. It's like having a small army of well-trained warriors protecting your business. To attain this goal, periodically bringing in experts to share their knowledge and protection techniques by modes of awareness training is essential. Cybersecurity awareness training for employees is not only necessary for security, but it can also help your company comply with rules, laws, and standards. You may also want to check with your insurance company on cybersecurity awareness training programs that may help lower your monthly fees.

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