Laptops are convenient for many reasons, and we love them. In fact, according to Statista, more laptops than desktop PCs are purchased every year, but their portability puts us at risk of misplacing, dropping, losing them or getting them stolen. However, replacing a laptop is not as big a problem as losing the data is.

Hopefully, your laptop will always remain intact and in your possession, but if things are not so, to prevent a data-loss catastrophe, it is a good idea to start using your laptop only as a device that allows you to manipulate data in all its forms. Even though convenient, using your laptop also to store your data is not a good idea for many reasons. First, if this is the only place where you store data, it will be gone if something happens to your device. To prevent this, you may want to consider storing your data on a Cloud service so it’s often backed up and accessible from multiple devices. If your laptop is gone, your data will still be available to you. There are many companies that in addition to paid plans, also offer limited but free Cloud space like Google Drive and Dropbox. I use these mostly as a second backup and synchronization tool between my devices. In addition to a Cloud service, you should always have an external drive in your home where you can back up your data as often as possible. Do remember that even though Cloud services are safe and reliable, in the event of an issue, they will not be responsible for your data if it’s lost. They are responsible for security OF the Cloud, but you are responsible for security IN your account within the Cloud.

Second, if you do not password-protect your laptop, you may want to begin considering it. If your laptop is stolen, bad guys will have access to all your data. Maybe you don’t think you have valuable information on your device, but bad guys will always find creative ways to make the best use of it and benefit themselves in some way, harming you in the process.

Consider also a benefit that when buying a new laptop since choosing the model with minimum storage, that will also be more affordable, will likely be sufficient.

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